Protective Night-Vision Glasses For Driving

Protect your eyes from bright, harmful headlights and tail lights with theProtective Night-Vision Glasses For Driving. Designed with a yellow-tinted lens, thepolarized glasses reduce stress on your eyes and eliminate glare from traffic lights or car lights. Their comfortable design makes long term wear pain-free for undistracted driving. 

Protective Night-Vision Glasses: 

  • Blue-Light Blocking Yellow Tint & Polarization 
  • Reduces Stress On Your Eyes

Reduce the stress on your eyes at night while driving with the protective glasses to eliminate corresponding headaches and prevent eye damage. The yellow tinted glasses reduce the effect of bright lights and glarewithout compromising your visibility!

Product Specifics: 

  • Material: PC Plastic 
  • Lens: Yellow Tinted. 



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