USB to HDMI Cable Adapter

Easily share content from your phone or computer directly onto your HDMI compatible TV with the simpleUSB to HDMI Cable Adapter. Including three connectors, the multi-purpose adapter is a must have for every tech-savvy household. The simple and easy to use adapter allows you to create theultimate viewing experience from phone to TV in seconds!

Easy, High-Tech Adapter: 

  • Durable Cord for Long Lasting Use
  • Includes HDMI, USB, and TYPE C forWide Compatibility 

How To Use: 

  • Connect HDMI to TV
  • Connect USB or TYPE C to Desired Media Player
  • Wait 10 Seconds
  • Enjoy!

Product Specifics: 

  • Color: Black, Red, or White 
  • Length: 2 Meters