Blackhead Pore Skin Vacuum

[xlmodel]-[custom]-[39256]Rejuvenate your skin!

Rejuvenate your skin!


Our blackhead remover vacuum is designed to suck away every little speck of blackhead in each pore. Working on a rechargeable battery the face blackhead remover pore vacuum brings you effective and efficient results. Now you can cleanse your skin at home using minimal efforts with a pore vacuum.

The portable pore vacuum offers you different settings, to ensure you can get ideal results each time. The bottom suction setting is used for delicate skin areas, such as the area around your eyes. While the high-grade suction rate is suitable for blackheads found on your skin. Whereas, the mid-range suction works effortlessly to eradicate stubborn dirt.

An easy to use system that works with a single on/off button, and a dedicated mode button to help you switch though various modes. Paired with the vacuum are 6 different silicone tips dedicated to target various aspects of your face.  

Enjoy youthful clear skin.

  • Tips: 6 Included
  • Mode: Ultrasonic




Products include:

1* Device

6* Tips

1* USB data cable