Deluxe Cozy Soothing Plush Pet Bed


Give your fur babies the perfect place to nestle and sleep

What makes the Deluxe Cozy Soothing Plush Pet Bed unique to the others?

Better Sleep: A unique round shape is ideal for cozy cats and dogs who love to curl up and cuddle. A raised rim supports the head and neck, while squishy filling relaxes joint and muscle pain.

Extra-Comfortable: Super-soft shag faux fur will remind your pet of their mother's coat, with deep crevices that allow your pet to really get in there and mark their territory!


Easy to Wash: Dirty pet beds are a breeze to clean, wash, and rinse by hand, restoring your super-soft faux fur pet bed to its former glory in no time.

Safe: Every Deluxe Cozy Soothing Plush Pet Bed is crafted using the highest-quality faux fur and durable nylon, combining premium luxury with comfort and safety.

 Keeps Pets Calm: Cozy pets are happy pets!  And happy pets are calmer, more relaxed, and less prone to stress and being naughty.


Bring home the Deluxe Cozy Soothing Plush Pet Bedand see for yourself the benefits it brings to your pets and household.