Galaxy Moon Lamp Decor

Bring any bedroom, kitchen, living room, and more to life with the entrancingGalaxy Moon Lamp Decor. The unique moon lamp lights up to display a colorful andintricate galaxy filled with many stars. Sitting upon an elegant stand that showcases the moon and all of its beauty, the mini moon lamp can beplaced on any table top, counter, or nightstand! Choose from four differentsize options to find a design that fits your home perfectly. 

Out of This World Beauty: 

  • Multiple Color Display Options 
  • Remote Control For Easy Color Changing and On/Off Controls 

The rechargeable moon lamp brings starry night beauty into your home or bedroom for a unique touch of style. Whether you use it as a night light or as everyday decor, the beautiful moon lamp brings depth and personality into your home!

Product Specifics: 

  • Comes with Remote Control & Stand 
  • Rechargeable & Color Changing