Detangler Hairbrush

Save yourself time and stress


Used to waste extra time in the shower using conditioner to detangle your hair? Try our Detangler Hairbrush. This brush banishes tangles and knots with minimum fuss, breakage or damage with uniquely designed teeth that glide through your hair, leaving it soft and shiny without tugging and pulling. Offering the perfect finishing touch. The Detangler Hairbrush  is created for dry-styling and dressing your hair. The unique teeth are longer with softer tips and smooth cuticles for a high shine.


It’s designed to achieve perfect up-dos, back-brush in volume and texture and to maintain and blend in hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves. This brush slips thru tangles like butter. You'll never pull a round brush through your hair ever again! 



1 comb (25*7cm)