Gesture Sensor Smart Car

When it comes to remote-control cars, not everyone “takes” to traditional joystick or trigger-style remotes.





If you’re one of those people, then you might be interested in the Ultigesture Gesture-Controlled Smart Car.

It’s controlled using arm movements, via a remote wristband.

Moving the hand down causes the car to move forward, and moving it up makes the car go backward – the farther the arm is moved in either direction, the faster the speed.

Right-hand turns are initiated by twisting the arm clockwise, while a counter-clockwise twist results in a left-hand turn.



Using time: 7.2V 1200mAH(1.2v*5)接口SM/using SM 

battery weight: 85g

R/C distance: 60 metres approx. 

Using time:  40minutes approx. 

km/Maximum speed:  15km/h 

Charging way: USB(6v) 

Charging time:120-150 minutes approx.

Product accessory: 

Stunt car X 1

R/C X 1

Watch R/C *1

USB charger X 1

USB Watch Charger*1

Body battery 7.2V 1200mAH 1 piece/ battery (6v 500mAH) X 1

Product function: 

Basic functions: drift / speed forward / backward / left turn / right turn

Product size: 42*22*9.5

Packing box size: 37.5*14.7*28.5