Lawn Hydro Mousse

NO MORE dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas or shades on your lawn! You will be able to fully fill your lawn with green grasses by simply spraying our Liquid Lawn System!

It is the perfect hydroseeding solution to patchy lawns that need repairing!


Grow Grass Anywhere Effortlessly: (with proper care)

Easy but Effective: Just attach the Liquid Lawn System to any garden hose, turn the dial & start spraying

Reseeds up to a 100 ft2

Professional Result: Fix all dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas & shady sections

Spray Liquid Specifications:
Capacity: 59ml
Application: Liquid Lawn
Color: Green
Type: Spray Liquid 

Sprayer Material: plastic

Seed Sprinkler Specifications:  

Material: plastic
Color: blue & green
Size: 24*23*12cm

Normal Sprayer Specifications:

Material: APE+PP
Color: Orange
Size: 130*130*310mm
Capacity: 2L