Customizable Surprise Love Explosion Gift Box

Give the gift of love with this unique  Customizable Surprise Love Explosion Gift Box. Collect together pictures and momentoes of your  poignant relationship memories into this one memory photograph box. Decorated with stickers and other paper craft.



Packing List:

    A: 1 x DIY Explosion Box

     1Set Accessories(The instructions included)


Fold Size:15x15cm

Unfold Size:43x43cm



Perfect gifts for wedding, engagement, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, Valentine's Day, Mother Day, Christmas, etc.

Apply to marriage proposal, photo album and travel record


how to make explosion box step by step,please check the following link video:


Our video content will be a little long, but the video content is very detailed, follow the video, you can make a perfect explosion box, for family, friends, anyone.

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