3D USB Printing Pen

Draw in the air and create 3D Masterpieces!


  • Helps children improve spatial thinking, creativity and artistic skills.
  • Designed for creative flat and 3D models, wonderful stress relief and an alternative computer games. The only limit is your imagination.
  • It is a good partner for you and your children to make art creations.
  • Two modes compatible with 1.75mm PLA and ABS filament.

    • Intelligent 3D Drawing Pen is made from skin-friendly materials. 
    • Adjustable Temperature / Speed - A LCD display with buttons for loading / unloading and adjusting the temperature and speed. You can choose the appropriate mode according to painting proficiency. LCD screen lets you monitor temperature of the material and extrusion speed.


    • USB Port Power Supply - The 3D Pen is powered by USB, can be charged by mobile power bank, computer and  laptop, which makes it more convenient for you to draw indoors and outdoors. (Make sure the current is 5V/2A).




    This equipment is suitable for children above 8 years old and adults. Children should use under the supervision of adults!

    Please read the manual carefully before using!


    Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Camouflage
    Supported material: 1.75mm PLA / ABS
    Output rated power of device: 5V/2A

    ABS Filament: 210 - 235 ℃ PLA Filament: 160 - 210℃ 

      Package Includes:
      1 x 3D Pen3 x PLA Filament ( 3M per loop )1 x User Manual1 x USB Cable1 x Pen Holder